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"She's a one-woman show that shows you only need one woman".

Well said, Ellwood! I may be playing "roots" music but I'm reaching for the sky!

Hello my Fine Folk,

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Fresh Oil - Loose Gravel is officially in the can! The show was a success and the Concert Window was...well, I'll do better next time ;) I can tell you right now that the band and I enjoyed the heck out of ourselves. Thanks again to Icehouse for having us and thanks to everyone who came out to the show or watched online.

This show was a great way to end 2017 and now, with 2018 upon us I'm looking forward to putting all the pieces together; songs, laughter, all the stuff that makes a live show alive will be part of this project. It's going to take some time but the end result will be spectacular!

Gigs will continue be a bit sparse as we prepare the new album so please make sure to sign up for my newsletter [just to the right of this message] and I'll keep you updated with all the news I choose for yous to peruse!

See ya when I get there!





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